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Because We Listen To You ... Our job is to make complexes understandable. In line with this principle, our job starts with listening to you. We organize your business plan with you by listening to your requests before preparing your data. If you are not satisfied with the work delivered, we listen to you before starting your work, offer our special services for you.
Because Technology Keeps a Sharp Lookout for Mistakes... We use technology in the every step of our processes. In this way, we deliver error-free works, thanks to these programs that can detect errors we may overlook.
Because We can! Our job is not easy but we are here to create solutions. For this reason, we evaluate all solutions that can be created by being loyal to our "we can" principle before giving negative responses to your requests.
Because We Love Our Job... We love our job as much as you do yours and therefore, we know the value of time, we are aiming to provide you benefit in difficult conditions without hindering your work.
Because Our Business is with Words… Serving by sticking to principle of honesty, CAT uses word calculation as pricing policy rather than characters. Most of translation agencies in Turkey work with their customers over character calculation. This pricing policy is advantageous for translation agencies but not for customers. However, you will realize that you make profit in the long term through our “Word calculation” practice we aim to bring in to the sector.

The Advantages of this Pricing

  • You pay through word count after the document analysis.
  • No rough calculation, price is always clear and you are never subjected to unnecessary payment.
  • Your translations are processed by advantage of technology. Your translations are combined
    together on a database and a "glossary" is created. Thus, you wouldn't pay extra for previous
  • You would benefit from free glossary creation, style guide creation, desktop publishing and
    proofreading services.
  • By this implementation, you can calculate the costs by yourself and know how much you would pay.
    Thus, you don't need to ask for a quote and thereby you can save time.


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