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Translation Service

  • Academic Translation: Special translation and consulting service which we offer for academics and students with dissertations, homework, projects, and academic research. Please contact us to obtain further information about this service.
  • Literary Translation: This service is provided by a team whose members are experienced in all artistic and literary texts translations.
  • Technical Translation: Our goal is to make your business easier with our translation service which we provide for every technology and engineering area. Our team members who are specialized in Construction, Information Technology, Telecommunications, Software/Hardware, and Architecture will be able to help you in any other area.
  • Medical Translation: All your medical content documents, especially epicrisis, prescriptions, and radiology and laboratory reports, are translated carefully by our team who are experts in this area.
  • Legal/Forensic Text Translations: Your legal texts are translated carefully by an experienced and responsible translator team.
  • Notary Certified Translation: The translation service which we provide in all languages for notary documents.
  • Script/Subtitle Translations: The translation service which we provide for film, series, drama, and plays.
  • Game Translations: We enjoy translating games because we also love playing games. This is why game translation is our special interest area.
  • User Guides Translations: User guides are translated and edited carefully.
  • Website / Interface Translation: All texts and graphic units in your website or program interfaces are translated carefully by our translator team in control of our graphic designers and software developers with the most efficient computer programs.


Interpreting Services

We offer both consecutive and simultaneous interpreting services thanks to our experienced interpreter team. Please contact us for more information.



Localization involves the adaptation of contents, processes, products, and computer software for a particular language, cultural, or ethnic community..

The localization process starts with the translation of the content to the target language. Localization translations are processed by computer-aided translation programs. In addition to the translation process, localization also includes the conversion of dates, times, currencies, and units of heat or measurement. It also ensures images are selected according to the geographical and cultural habits of the area.

Graphics and user interface visuals on the help files and manuals also must be localized. This is why we can assure the impeccability of the service we provide with localization tests, which are the integral part of a localization processes..


Terminology Management

Terminology is basic to the corporate contents. We prepare a special quality glossary in of a guide for your company by analyzing your translation texts. It doesn't matter how long your document is; by sharing your glossary with our translation team we provide a concordance of all your content.

Terminology and engaged content reflects your brand and its value as well as the scope of your business. Professional corporations are aware of the global importance of terminology. Managers of these corporations, consider terminology as an intellectual property right which represents value for the whole company. Without terminology management, it's not possible to talk about concordance and quality of an original or localized content.

By doing both academic and industrial terminology research in a wide variety of areas to implement terminology management, which has an important place in the translation sector, we are providing an important service.


Desktop Publishing (DTP)

Desktop Publishing (DTP) means organizing the appearance and shape of your translations in concordance with the original format to make them ready for print and use.

DTP is the final and most critical stage of the translation and localization process. Mistakes made in the DTP process would cause serious cost increases and time waste due to the process extension. We are strengthening our quality principle by offering you an impeccable service with the support of our team who serve in 16 different languages and have successfully completed a variety of projects.

Supported Formats:

Adobe Indesign / Adobe Frame Maker / Adobe Illustrator / Adobe Freehand / Adobe Acrobat / Adobe Photoshop / QuarkXPress / Microsoft Word / Microsoft PowerPoint / Coreldraw


Quality Control Process

As an integral part of all other services, the quality control process we provide within our company makes us different from our competitors. All the documents delivered to our Project Coordinators are subjected to a Quality Control Process after the translation stage.

We are adopting an error-free policy as a principle. In this way, we are not only benefiting from technology but also from a manpower proofreading as part of our Quality Control Process.

After the translation your documents are processed through the following stages.

  • Ensuring consistency throughout the text.
  • Correcting grammatical mistakes.
  • Ensuring concord with the glossary and style guide.
  • Editing the typos.
  • Controlling page layout and editing typography.
  • Controlling proper nouns, numbers, dates, and units.
  • Proofreading of the target text in terms of language concordance.